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Our Expertise

Diversion Prevention

Strategic Advisory

DIVERTua provides healthcare executive’s objective, practical, results-oriented assistance to set strategic directions that enable long-term security and growth.


DIVERTua experts will provide clear, tangible action plans for all our clients.  Opportunities for improvement identified during the assessment will be outlines in a step wise fashion.  After an initial engagement involving a review of operational practices, DIVERTua will serve as a partner to continually support our clients.

Gap Analysis

Our experts will evaluate all of the institutional practices surrounding controlled substance handling, from ordering through bedside dispensing.  A detailed report will be provided identifying weaknesses as well as missing steps requiring immediate attention.   Organizations with effective policies can also benefit from DIVERTua’s expertise to further improve the medication management process.

Pain Stewardship

On-site support to assist client leaders in the development of a pain stewardship program.  This includes educational support on current clinical and regulatory topics as well as an emphasis on opioid stewardship.  The program involves recommendations on safe disposal of medications, opioid equianalgesic conversions and monitoring high-risk opioid therapies.

Regulatory Readiness

Recommendations and support will be provided by our team surrounding policies and procedures related to automation, storage & security of controlled substances, procurement, inventory man agreement,  dispensation, delivery and return, nurse handling of CSs, wastage, and surveillance.  Assessments will also compromise of a review of licensure & record keeping.

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