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Our Team


  • Shawn Parekh, PharmD, MHA, FACHE

  • Michele Sheaffer, RPh


Our Consulting Team includes...

  • Specialists in

    • controlled substance security

    • DEA regulatory compliance

    •  institutional drug diversion

  • Nurses and Pharmacists

  • Professionals with purchasing and inventory experience

  • Our specialists have direct experience with the DEA and the Department of Justice.  

    • They are not only well-versed in regulatory needs as well as operational excellence, they are able to support your clinical needs such as the development of pain stewardship.

  • Experts in pain management are available for educational seminars as well as webinars.  

    • On-going subscriptions are available with our data analysts.  

  • Process mapping, auditing, and consultation are just some of the strengths of the DIVERTua team

3rd annual IHFDA  in Dallas

3rd annual IHFDA in Dallas

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